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Angela Taylor

Hi, I am Angela Taylor 

About Me!

When I am not at home with my boisterous and rather oafish Newfoundland dog Dickie and husband Dan, I explore the lush green countryside near my home in the Cotswolds. I have a passion for the UK, having lived abroad most of my life, including in Canada, America, and South Africa. 

The charm of the British countryside can be hypnotic, calming, and breathtakingly stunning.


I moved over to the UK ten years ago and immediately fell in love with decor and design. I completed an interior design course and currently see clients part-time. Part of my passion for decor came with purchasing our barn conversion, as the building was testy from the start!

A partially underground bedroom was a challenge I was keen to take on. How could I turn this dim and dark canvass into a bright and inspiring room? 

My newfound passion is writing, and I love to write about all the things I find current and exciting. My passions include but are not exclusive to lifestyle, decor, pet care, thanks to Dickie, and gardening. I blame the British countryside for this! I admit I do miss the sunshine of California, but there is magic in everything; you just have to look for it. 

How I can help you? 

I understand the power of words. Words can motivate, heal, and inspire, which keeps me hooked. I’d love to write for you if you need inspiration and motivation. Or if you need to turn your website into an oasis of creative knowledge that your potential clients love to visit.