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Brad Pearce

Hi, I’m Brad Pearce

About Me!

As a kid, I was once presented with a toy tool set filled with plastic hammers and screwdrivers. Little did my parents know that it had ignited a passion that lasts to this day.

Of course, I’ve now graduated beyond those plastic hammers, but my passion and desire to work on various DIY projects remains.

I still get the same excited feeling when I add a new tool or device to my collection. But I admit, it makes my partner question my sanity. They don’t get how I can look forward to discovering how a new drill bit will perform with such enthusiasm. Oh, and both my dogs have the same confused look.

But aside from my love for DIY and tools, we all enjoy the outdoors. Living in Central Scotland, I’m fortunate enough to live within an easy drive of a selection of hills. Getting out there for a hike and blowing away those cobwebs breathes new life into my soul.

Admittedly, the weather isn’t always the best, but I have waterproof skin, so it’s not all bad.

How Can I Help You?

I’m fortunate enough to turn my passion for DIY, tools, and the great outdoors into my career. Whether it’s informative articles on how to get the best out of a special spanner, or product reviews of the latest hiking boots, I’m here to help.

I focus on articles, guides, product reviews, and refreshing content on your existing portals. With an in-depth knowledge of SEO, I can assure you of high-quality content that drives customer interaction from beginning to end.