Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Review

Cleveland has created a real name for itself in the world of wedges for some time now, and this is for several reasons. So, when you discover they now have the Cleveland CBX Full Face wedge on the market, it makes sense to check it out. Let’s face it; you need to know if this particular model meets the standards you expect from this brand.

The Appearance

Honestly, Cleveland maybe doesn’t make the nicest looking clubs. However, they are seriously functional and practical, so looks don’t have to be everything. In this instance, the wedge is quite unique in how it looks.

First, the toe part is higher than you may expect, giving it a larger, more bulky feel to the entire thing. Also, the grooves cover the whole face of the club, but we will get into why that’s important when we look at its performance.

But here’s something people often don’t talk about with the appearance, and that’s even the sound that the club makes when striking the ball. Time and time again, you will see reference to this club producing an incredible sound that does give you a sense of absolute satisfaction. The overall feel of the club further accentuates this. It comes across as sturdy, solid, and reliable. Those things add to the confidence you get with your upcoming shot. That confidence is strengthened even more when you move on to the performance aspect.


The first thing to mention is that this wedge performs exceptionally well, but that’s not a shock to anybody with previous experience with Cleveland wedges. Of course, this club is designed to only act in a certain way. If there’s any doubt, then those doubts are dismissed when you discover that the lowest loft angle for this club sticks at 56 degrees.

Also, with the grooves covering the entire face, you can still produce a more impressive shot no matter where you hit the ball. Basically, the face becomes a sweet spot, which is pretty cool.

However, the sweet spot aspect is further enhanced by including a cavity back more towards the club’s heel. The idea here is that most golfers will hit the ball in this area, so they have made the heart of the sweet spot here, even though the grooves still offer the same sense of control all over the face.

We know we continue to go on and on about the grooves, but let’s explain more why they are so good.

The precision with which they have been cut and the depth and angle, tied in with the fact that they cover even the entire toe of the clubhead, allows you to open up the club like never before. The grip and control will be pretty much the same no matter where you strike the ball, and then there’s the added balance caused by the weight distribution. This is also helped by Cleveland working on the club’s sole, which delivers some relief in both the heel and toe. Yet again, it makes it easier to open up the clubface and play around with your shots.

Who It’s Best For

The full-face and deeper grooves open up the size of the sweet spot while still offering significant control. This means this Cleveland wedge is suitable for anyone looking for a cheaper wedge to add to their bag.

However, it’s best to highlight two main groups that could benefit from this wedge. First, the control aspect means it’s perfect for those golfers who love to get that little bit more creative around the edges of the green. The extended sweet spot and ability to add more spin to your shots allow you to get quite fancy.

The other group is for those novice or intermediary golfers. Again, this is due to the size of the sweet spot. It becomes even tougher to screw up the shot, allowing you to build your confidence around the green.

Better Value Alternative

Even though the price for this wedge is already low, some other alternatives can push the price down even more than before. We believe the Cleveland CBX 2018 model is the one to look out for. Going back a couple of years can push the price down significantly, and that’s the case here.

It will offer you significant control over the shots, even if the weight distribution and center of gravity are slightly different from the newer model. However, at under $100, it’s representing real value for money.

Suppose you want a quality wedge and one that’s not going to empty your pockets. In that case, Cleveland is undoubtedly the brand name to go for. They aren’t going to let you down, and the only other recommendation we would make is to look at the various loft angles and consider playing around with different degrees. At such low prices, it suddenly makes this possible.

Overall Verdict

The Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge is an excellent club to add to your set due to the amount of spin it can create while still providing you with a real sense of control over your shot. The fact that the grooves cover the entire face makes a difference in helping with those tough shots around the green. With it being more towards the cheaper end of the market, it’s also quite inclusive from a money perspective.

So, what do you look for in your main wedge? How do you prefer to use them? Be creative, or do you want to get on the green? Let us know below what you think.

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