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Dog Crates – Why Bother?

Perhaps you have thought about getting a dog crate? Maybe you have had one in the past, but your dog never liked it? Some people have looked at dog crates and are unsure what they are for and whether they serve a purpose? We can address any issues or questions you may have and deal with them in the next few minutes.

What Exactly is a Dog Crate?

Let’s start by explaining what we mean by a dog crate. First, you can also refer to a dog crate as an indoor kennel, and that point alone may clear up some confusion people have about a crate.

Basically, the idea is that they provide your dog with a designated space where they can go for some time and feel safe and secure. Your dog knows that this is their own space, allowing them to relax and not feel as stressed. Also, a dog crate will consist of a wire frame and a tray at the base that you can remove, and it’s in this tray where you put the dog bedding to allow your dog to get comfortable.

Why a Dog Crate?

So, why would you want to purchase a dog crate? Well, there are several reasons.

1. For Training

The first reason is for training purposes. You can use the crate in two different ways. You can use your crate to help your dog become accustomed to being left alone for some time. Or the other reason is to help with toilet training.

2. The Safe Space

We previously mentioned the idea of a safe space for your dog, but we feel it is so essential that it also needs to be listed here. This crate is important throughout your dog’s life as they will see it as an open den idea where they can go at any point. Your dog will feel the security required at that moment.

3. Confinement in the Short-Term

Another reason is for confinement in the short term when other forms of supervision are impossible. At this point, your dog knows where they are, and so do you allowing you to get on with other parts of your life without worrying about your dog.

4. A Vet Suggests it

If your dog has had surgery, a vet may suggest a crate to give them a secure place to sleep and rest to get over the operation. It would help if you remembered they were in a crate at the vet surgery while initially recovering, so it works and is a great way to help them get their health back on track.

5. Transportation

The final reason is transportation. The crate makes the entire process much more manageable. However, you need to consider space in your vehicle, the size of your dog, and how long your dog will be in the crate. This time has an impact on the crate you then buy.

As you can see, these are important reasons why a dog crate may be rather important for you and your dog. Think carefully about which crate to buy while also avoiding rushing into getting one at the last moment. After all, you want your dog to feel comfortable and not stressed when they have to go into a crate for whatever reason.

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