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What to Expect

So, what should you expect when you contact me regarding your project?

  • I am reliable and never miss deadlines because your business is important to me. 
  • I am affordable and have highly competitive rates. You will kick yourself for paying so much before meeting me! Sorry, but that is true. Once you settle in, you will feel better, I promise!
  • I know all the secrets to good SEO, so there’s no need to call in other people
  • I keep in touch with you via email, Whatsapp, and Zoom; take your pick. I am available for interviews too. 
  • I have been writing for nearly 20 years and am in it for the long haul. 
  • I focus on your tone and nuances so your website, copy, brochure, Ecourse, or blog sounds like you and your company. 
  • I have years of experience in copy, proofreading, editing, and reliable delivery. 

There are many ways I can help you.

Small print – my availability depends on how many projects I have, but I will always keep you in the picture. 

Also, here are the steps I will take regarding your project.

The Mandate

To help you achieve your goals, I would like to gather more information about your business and the objectives you have in mind. I will inquire about your business, target audience, competitors, and desired destination. Feel free to request a quote.

Billing and Road Ahead

After determining your project goals, we will discuss the time needed and how I will communicate milestones with you. I will inform you of the process and the methods I will use to achieve your objectives. Based on the hours required for your project, we will agree on the cost.

Research and SEO: Spotting Trends

I thoroughly research your product and market to create compelling copy with SEO-focused language. I also stay current on market trends to give you a competitive advantage. These services are included in your package at no extra cost. Let me know if you have any questions.

Delivery and Edits

While all copy is fully edited and proofread before release. I allow a 7-day open period for further adjustments if required. However, you may find that unnecessary since we would have consolidated your needs during the mandate stage. Payment should be received before release.