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Google Updates

You want your content to rank on search results to attract more clients. But Google updates can get in your way.

In just 12 months, Google has changed the algorithm a staggering 12 times. Each change led to websites with poor-quality content dropping like a stone in the results pages.

I don’t want that to happen to you. 

Your content must be of a high-quality and provide value to your visitors. Your content must fit with trends and be an authority in the industry.

Only content that fits specific criteria can rise to the top.

I will help boost visibility by producing well-researched content in your voice and in line with your brand.

Get Google-Friendly Content

Your content must provide value to the reader for it to rank highly and be attractive to visitors. My experience as a copywriter allows me to develop content that fits with your business and the needs of your visitors. Also, I ensure it coincides with the latest Google rules.

This is how I manage to produce content perfect for your website.

  • I keep up to date with changes to the algorithm.
  • I understand your industry and market to ensure you become an authority.
  • I deal with keywords that are crucial to your industry and target market.
  • I look at trends within your market to see how I can incorporate them.
  •  I research, edit, and proofread each post before sending it.

To learn about how I can build strong content that will deliver results both now and in the future, contact me for more information.