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Growing Your Herbs Indoors

There tends to be something rather quaint and charming about growing herbs indoors. Seeing those small pots sitting by the kitchen window delivers a real sense of satisfaction. Also, let’s not forget they are within easy reach for cooking purposes!

But sadly, incorrect care can quickly turn this wonderful thing into a disaster. Those herbs that were your pride and joy now sit there drooping and wilting.

Stopping this is easy. All it takes is some basic knowledge and attention to detail. It should not make a difference even if you have had limited gardening experience.

To help, we have several tips that should make life easier.

Tip 1: Light

You must ensure your indoor herb garden receives ample light. Plants need light to grow and remain healthy, so keeping them away from the window is not an option. Well, unless you have a lighting system set up, but that’s another topic.

The need for light is why people line up those pots beside the window. Also, we just mean light. It needn’t be blazing sunshine on a daily basis.

So, look for the window that offers the best light, and place your herb garden next to it.

Tip 2: Temperature

Temperature is another key component, and most herbs do well in temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees. That’s good news, as it fits in perfectly with the average temperature within most homes.

However, it does also mean one other thing. You should not place your herbs next to a window where the wind can whistle in and bring the temperature down. It can slow down their growth and also potentially damage the plants.

But if your herbs need to be placed in a dormant state over winter, then that’s the time when you remove them to a cooler location. You need to keep them below 60 degrees as this considerably slows their growth.

Tip 3: Watering

The most common mistake people make with their indoor herb garden is with the watering part. People will either give their herbs too much water or allow them to dry out.

The key is to allow the pots to slightly dry out, as herbs grow best with slow, infrequent watering. They like to get their feet wet but hate having their feet sitting in a pool of water.

To know when to water, use your finger. If you push your finger into the soil and it feels dry around two inches, you need to give your herbs a drink. When watering, do it slowly. If you pour water in, you will see it flowing through the pot and out the drain holes.

If that happens, the roots were not given enough time to absorb the water. So, water slowly to stop that from happening.

There are so many interesting things to learn when it comes to growing herbs indoors. However, even just following the three tips listed above will make a difference to your herbs.

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