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Julee Espresso

Hi, I am Julee Espresso

About Me

I am a retired psychologist and current therapist focusing on developmental challenges and mental illness and health. 

Throughout my career as a therapist, my interests were in relationship building, marriage, the challenges that come with each developmental stage, and various mental health topics. 

I am pretty invested in aging and what it means to women. The challenges of perimenopause and beyond this include mental and physical health. 


As I am going through the aging process myself, I find the changes in my relationships, sense of self, and newfound interests fascinating. I love cooking, gardening, and practicing mindfulness for optimum mental health and wellness when not writing content. 

How Can I Help You? 

Suppose you wish to create a resource filled with information on mental health topics, including marriage, living as a single person, divorce, grief, and other issues. In that case, I can help you build that section of your site with straightforward factual, evidence-based content. My content is both Expert and Intermediate.