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Preparing Your Glasshouse for Spring

So, it’s Spring, and that’s excellent news for any garden lover. However, that does mean a lot of preparatory work for most people. While that may be daunting, let’s make life easier by focusing on just one area: your glasshouse.

Where to Start

Begin by de-cluttering. Most people tend to let things slide over Winter, with old pots and trays spread all over, making life more challenging for you.

Set aside a lovely early Spring day to go through everything in your glasshouse. Check for trays with splits and pots past their best and sweep out everything. Add in checking tools, any seeds you may have stored over Winter, and soil that you will use, and you already have so many things under control.

But de-cluttering and working through everything is the only way to take stock of what you need for the growing season. We would not recommend doing anything else in your garden until you have completed this crucial step.

Checking the Structure

Do also check the structure itself. Look to see if a winter storm has moved any glass panes. Check rubber seals to prevent leaks from entering the glasshouse. Double-check that the air vents are still operational.

It’s essential to clear out any debris from the guttering on the glasshouse. Once again, this is easy to do, but it’s a step some people can overlook.

It makes sense to check the structure before you start storing all kinds of fascinating plants in your glasshouse. Replace any cracked or chipped glass, get the door working smoothly, and check the floor for damage. By the end of these checks, you know the structure is good to go.

Preparing the Water Source

As you already know, you will use significant amounts of water. So, you want to make sure your water source is ready for you to use. Most people won’t have pipes that constantly bring water to them, so clean out your water barrels and check for any damage.

Also, look to fill the barrels at this point. This is key if you tend to start growing things early on. The last thing you want is to keep going to your outdoor faucet.

After this, we recommend taking stock of what you have in the way of seeds, plants, and soil. Check to see what has survived the Winter and what may be past its best.

However, planning and getting ready for planting is something for another post.

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