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Product Descriptions

Compelling copy will sell your products or services to your client. There are various ways to do this. You might prefer writing descriptive text that outlines the benefits and features of the product, or you might want to sell the sizzle of your services.

You will know what works best for your brand’s personality. I will think-tank your objective and come up with product descriptions that work.

I will help you achieve your goals by accurately translating your voice into text.

Correctly placed product descriptions matching your brand will make your voice heard and your product seen.

What Do You Get?

What do you get when you hire me to write your product descriptions? Well, aside from having someone with extensive experience, you also get the following.

A copywriter who spends time getting to know your products.

Unique product descriptions in line with your brand and voice.

Product descriptions that get straight to the point and sell.

“…From writing product descriptions for tools, to furniture, coffee, pet products and more, my experience allows me to dig deep into what your products offer to produce high-quality descriptions that will hit home for your customers.”

How Does it Work?

I don’t just take time to understand your product. I also understand your market and what they want from your products. This allows me to perfectly align the description with their needs.

I create product descriptions that do more than simply talk about the product. I promote an idea around them and how they help the individual currently considering making a purchase. I do not simply write countless product descriptions as quickly as possible. Each description is carefully thought about and is an individual description.

Every product description is 100% unique and is written in the tone of voice suitable for your business and market.

To find out more about how I can transform your existing product descriptions, or to create new descriptions for your website, contact me via the form on my website.