Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are as follows:

Our Payment Terms 

For midrange projects, the first payment is made upfront at 50% of the job’s total cost, and then 50% of the balance is paid in advance before the final draft is released. 

  • Articles 1000 words and less 

For articles that are less than 1000 words, a set cost is charged and 100% payable upfront. 

  • Larger Projects above 1000 words, unlimited 

Once your project has been discussed and agreed upon, you will pay 50% of the total fee upfront. During our first discussion, we will put milestones in place.

  • You must make payment before the release of each milestone.

I will inform you of my or my team’s progress during this process. As part of my service to you, I must ensure your work is thoroughly researched and unique. I also do editing and SEO checks on each project independently. 

Before Work Commences

Before the project commences, we require written confirmation on the following:

  • You have read and understood my TOS 
  • You agree to my fees and payment terms
  • You have the authority to commission said work 
  • You have supplied the mandate and relevant contact details
  • You have accepted the agreed timescale and payment method 
  • You have submitted your first payment

You will submit this confirmation via a valid email address, and this will serve as your confirmation and acceptance of our TOS.

What is Halting or Pausing a Contract?

  • Halting of contract 

Please note that our team and I put a lot of research and care into your business. There are times when we will halt or terminate a contract. 

We will terminate the contract if you have submitted your mandates, accepted our TOS, paid your none refundable deposit, and we cannot get hold of you for 14 days. This action means, in effect, that you have halted the contract. See below if you have been in touch with us and wish to pause the project. 

  • Pausing a Project

A failure to communicate after preliminary milestones with larger projects will result in us pausing your project. Once we hear from you again, we can resume the process according to our availability. We will keep your project on file for three months until our discussed specified resume day. At this time, it will expire. 

Mistakes and Errors? 

At times errors may occur; we are, after all, human! As Grammarly always says, “To err is human; to edit is divine!”. Your work matters to us, so we are happy to correct any errors or mistakes. You should point these out to us within seven days of receipt. 

This offer does not include:

This offer does not include re-writes because you might have changed your mind and added something new into the body of the initial project. This request will action a new project, and our Terms and Conditions will apply. 


Once you own your project, it is yours! However, I receive the right to use small snippets on my website or for other uses regarding sales or samples.