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The 5 Longest Drivers for Men

There’s something quite cool about pushing that extra yardage off your drives, but it’s not all about your explosive power. Instead, your driver will play a significant role, so changing your driver for one specifically designed to drive the ball to new distances makes a lot of sense.

However, there’s a problem. There are so many apparent options on the marketplace that it’s easy to struggle to identify the perfect one for you. So, let’s narrow it down to 5 that we believe are the longest drivers out there.

TaylorMade Sim Driver

First out of the bag is the TaylorMade Sim driver, and this is one serious-looking club to have in your arsenal. You just know that this one means business, and then, when you get it on the tee and see how the ball flies, it’s immediately apparent you won’t be disappointed.

The Sim part stands for Shape in Motion, and that’s more important than you think. The main thing is that they have made the soul asymmetrical, and the intention here is that it will reduce the amount of downward drag at the end of the swing. Doing this means you generate more power in a controlled manner, so you strike the ball with more energy, which means more yardage.

At the same time, the center of gravity has been pushed back into the face, which optimizes the launch angle and power of the strike. However, there’s no doubt that this driver by TaylorMade is one of the best for achieving greater distances than before.

Callaway Mavrik

The Callaway Mavrik driver is one of the latest to come off an impressive Callaway production line. This particular model will replace the Rogue range. It includes their Flash Face technology, designed to generate more pace and energy when the club strikes the ball. The ability to reduce the amount of energy lost at this point is vital for more yardage. So Callaway has invested in some serious computer software to optimize this part as best they can.

Also, the club uses a carbon crown along with their Jailbreak Technology in this driver. This technology pushes the limits of what seems even possible for speed and power so that it can also squeeze out a few more yards.

Overall, this is the kind of driver you would expect from Callaway, so if you love this brand, you won’t be disappointed.

Mizuno ST200

Mizuno has produced the ST200, and this club can add some impressive yards to your drive while maintaining control over the swing and direction. With this model, you get a driver that produces a lower spin, which helps the ball cut through the air and gain more yards.

The compact sole, mixed in with the 11.6g backweight, adds to the stability that comes with this driver. The idea is that more excellent stability means getting a more authentic strike, especially as this driver maintains its form throughout the swing. Being relatively lightweight, it allows you to generate more incredible speed, which also pushes that yardage.

Cobra King Speedzone

This driver even has a cool name, and you instantly know what to expect when you have a Cobra driver in your hands. This driver has a unique milled face complete with a bulge and roll, giving the ball a far more consistent flight through the air.

However, we are looking at distance, which comes from the clubhead’s aerodynamics, allowing it to move more smoothly through the air. Cobra has also included a slight rise in both the front and back of the club to reduce drag, and it seems to work well.

Overall, if you have the Cobra F9, this may not make much difference, but if you are looking at a new driver that doesn’t have a sky-high price tag, this may be perfect.

Wilson Staff Launch Pad

Finally, there’s the Wilson Staff Launch Pad, and this driver is aimed more at the player with a high handicap who is struggling to get to grips with their swing. It will be pretty forgiving, and it’s also incorporating a higher loft angle to help fight against the typical slice.

The driver is also very lightweight, so that helps the new player slow down their swing, trying to boost accuracy over power. However, with the sweet spot and control of the club, this is perhaps the perfect long driver for guys still trying to get to grips with hitting the ball straight and true off the tee.

Best Value Option

The problem some may have with the drivers mentioned above is the price tag, but we have you covered. If you want some extra distance without going the extra mile with the cost, the Wilson D-200 could be a good call.

However, we recommend looking at one from around 2015 to push the price down because back then, this club was held in high regard. This club is inexpensive, easy to control, and lightweight, allowing for more incredible speed through the swing with reduced twisting in the hands.

It comes with a 460cc head, and the design of the head will reduce spin as this allows the ball to cut through the air without being slowed down with added drag. Also, it is seriously forgiving, so new players will love it, as it stops you from stressing so much about how you are striking the ball.

Overall Verdict

So, what are your thoughts regarding the drivers listed above? Have you had any personal experience with them? If so, did you get more significant yardage compared to other models on the market that you may have experience with? Let us know in the comments below.

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