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Website Copywriting

What is Website Copywriting?

Every website needs the same thing – good copy

You Need Good Copy Because…

Good copy draws your clients in and keeps them reading. Its function is to:

Grab Attention


Deliver a Solution

People are drawn to images first, headings, and text. Here at the Professional Plume, that is my main focus. I write text that can grab your client’s attention, persuade them to stick around, and then deliver a solution aimed at them. 

Compelling copy is more than words; it requires empathy, knowledge, and understanding to connect with readers. This page is a perfect example.

Don’t lose clients by not choosing select words to keep them reading. Convert readers into faithful clients. You have to do this before someone else does.  

The Key to Good Copy

The key to good website copywriting is research. My approach is to put myself in the audience’s shoes and structure the copy to fit their needs.

By understanding the issues prospective clients or customers have, I can ensure your website delivers the results they are looking for.

From products to services, I will shape the text to help persuade your clients or customers to take action.

How Does it Work?

I follow a tried and trusted approach in order to deliver the best content for your website.

  • I study your current website, if you have one, to get a sense of what your business and website is about.
  • I study your industry and market. Those two things play an integral role in developing good content.
  • I study the best SEO approach to ensure your content is loved by Google.
  • I study your target market and gain an understanding of what they want from you.
  • I create a content strategy plan in line with your needs.

Writing basic copy for a website is easy. But writing high-quality content that delivers results takes time, research and a deep understanding of the power of words.

To learn more about how I can improve your existing web copy, or how I would create copy for a brand-new website, contact me and I will be happy to discuss the matter with you.